Why Programmers Should Have Kids

OK this is a bit of a stretch, but caring for infants is sort of like debugging a program. Until they are about 2 years old they are mostly a series of problems to be solved. Baby crying, investigate the possible causes: Hungry, check; Dirty diaper, check; Sibling took their favorite toy, check, etc. It is all about getting through the day with the minimum of disturbance to their environment and your sanity. For those who are creative problem solvers dealing with an infant is for the most part a joy, especially as you find patterns and tricks that make you, but most especially your infant happy. Tickling, Baby Einstien videos, trips to the mall, etc. can all be answers to the problem of bored/crancy/fussy infants. You will get much satisfaction is solving these “problems”.

At around 18 months to 2 years old the rules of the game change and it is not at all like debugging a program – it is more like a battle of wills, theirs vs. yours. In this arena programmers may be overmatched by the social and manipulative skills of their children…

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