Circular hypocrisy

Maybe I’m just opening myself up for flames, but the whole assault weapon ban debate has me in twisted in knots of pretzel logic. First a couple facts:

1) Growing up I hunted, and all the men and some of the women in my extend family hunted. We fly fished a lot as well, but that’s not so important. My grandfather was a midwestern lawyer who lived on a large ranch in Kansas. My dad and siblings grew up on the ranch.

2) I own no guns.

3) My wife, to my knowledge has never fired a gun.

4) We do not let our kids play at a house where we know the owners keep guns.

5) I believe that people have the right to own guns.

That list may or may not put me in a large group of the citizenry, I don’t know and I’m not really interested in finding out. My problem with guns mostly centers around automatic weaponry. For self defense and AK-47 is just not necessary. I grew up on shotguns and rifles. Imagine how much easier the whole debate would be if handguns and automatic weapons did not exist. It’s real hard to “conceal” your shotgun. Concealed weapons are what freak me out. If I know you have a gun (because I can see it or your shotgun racks) I’m in gun safety mode. It’s a learned habit, you could not accompany the adults on a pheasant hunt without the proper amount of training and respect for weapons in our family.

So if you really want an automatic weapon, my question is why? For sport? To kill the bad guy real good? I just don’t get it. There is plenty of fire power legally available in gun and sporting good shops. None of us are in such danger that we need to spray 1000 rounds a minute at anyone. Again I harken to the midwest where your pickup does your talking. Every other pickup has a gun rack and a good many have an unloaded or loaded weapon in them. Not the place to whip out your Saturday Night Special, when probably 25% to 50% of the population has the drop on you.

In the postage stamp world of suburbia the equation is different. I don’t know how many of my neighbors have guns, and I’m not really looking to find out. But when a neighbor announces that they keep a gun in the house, they are off the playlist. It’s not my job to police them for gun locks and proper safety conditions. Logic dictates that I must assume that they are dumbshits and any small child could find and discharge their weapon as easily as they could stuff a popsicle in the VCR.

So there you have it, I’m all for gun rights, except for your tripod mounted Bazooka, and my boys can’t come over to play today, they’re uh sick, yeah that’s it…

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