Hollywood Invades The Blogoshpere

Of course I’m exaggerating. Production companies are not likely staking out blogs to acquire the film or television rights. What with all the media convergence though where is the one as yet unsown fertile field? The blogoshpere, of course.

The assignment today is to give a representative movie, mini series, series, of actor/actress to go with a blog. Another way to think about it is imagine you were pitching a blog to a studio exec. How would you describe the blog in terms of a Hollywood reference. Maybe if you were pitching the BitchGirls you might describe them as Thelma and Louise on the Internet. For the record, yes I know there are more than two BitchGirls – it was just a quick example.

I haven’t thought it through extensively but I’ll throw out a few examples:

Blog                                    Movie/Series/Star
Rachel Lucas                        Annie Get Your Gun
Amish Tech Support             Witness meets Caddyshack
InstaPundit                          Dan Ackroyd in the Bass-O-Matic SNL spoofs
Moxie                                   Kim Novak in Vertigo

That’s all I have for now… The InstaPundit analogy only make sense if you have been following the filthy lie campaign at IMAO.

Discuss amongst yourselves – here, there, or anywhere…

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