Comments – Enough To Set A Web Master Over The Edge?

The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that a hacked post and deletion of web site files are what lead to the Case Western shooting last week. Loner’s rage burned after ruin of Web site details the Biswanath Halder’s obsession with blaming Shawn Miller for a nasty comment left at his web site and deleting the web site content. Millers was apparently targeted by Halder because he was the computer lab operator who suspended Halders account privledges.

Halder’s problems at CWRU began in June 2000, when a visitor to his Web site left a mocking message: “Bizzy Halder is a moron. This guy makes a living out of creeping people out. From his fake hair, to his fake teeth, his whitey tighty shorts and pants. . . . this guy is LOON.”

A month later, someone Halder described as a hacker deleted his Web site files. Halder was convinced the culprit was Shawn Miller. He first complained to CWRU’s administration, then to the University Circle police.

Miller has denied doing anything to Halder’s computer files. Miller’s lawyer argued that Halder focused on Miller because the lab assistant told Halder his computer privileges were suspended.

Given the nature of blogging let’s hope there are no bloggers in the same state of mind as Halder. You wouldn’t want to be the one to post a comment on his site and set him off.

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