Another Reason To Hate Delaware

A quick getaway to Dewey Beach in Delaware this weekend, and what do I see in the local papers? Low-digit tags fetch six-digit prices. Here’s a quote from the article:

Low-digit license tags are all the rage in Delaware, where some equate small numbers with big status. The fad started before World War II but has taken off in the past decade, with single-digit tags now valued at prices normally associated with home mortgages.

A No. 9 tag formerly owned by Charles Murphy of Milford was sold at auction a few years ago for a record $182,500.

“I was offered $250,000 for it when I got home,” said Wilmington developer Anthony Fusco.

Apparently there is too much money floating around the small state of Delaware when a license plate is worth over $100,000.

Update: For COTV readers, here is my original rant against Delaware (I-95 tolls and incorporation fees).

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