Is Saddam Alive?

TV Footage Said to Show Saddam on April 9

Why is this important? There will most likely be a good explanation for the emergence of this tape from U.S. intelligence sources at some point. One note that an Arab expert on MSNBC noted, that I think is very relevant, is that he is convinced that this is a deliberate media manipulation by well funded unnamed Saudi groups. I would venture to guess that the stock of every Sadaam appearance or Sadaam double appearance is being culled for ways in which the can be reedited for “leaking” to the gullible Arab media. The desperation of the Arab media to color the coalition campaign as less successful than it actually was is immense. Of course U.S. networks will gladly run the video as “breaking news” based on the fact that another news organization has already run the story.

Where's Raed? In Jail?
Dr. Atkins