Renumeration For Iraq

Greg Easterbrook’s war wrapup Truth in Advertising at TNR ia must read. An interesting paragraph on renumeration, that I think is actually a very good idea.

As a demonstration of goodwill toward the people of Iraq, our side should pay compensation. Suppose $10,000 went to the family of each civilian killed. Too expensive, you say? If there were 1,300 Iraqi civilian dead, $10,000 for each tragedy would be about the cost of 10 naval cruise missiles. (We launched 800.) Considering the cost-no-object ordnance showered on Iraq, it would be an outrage if we didn’t pay at least a relatively small amount for those wrongly killed. If 1,300 is the number, the United States could even pay $100,000 per death for a total expense of less than one night’s bombing during the campaign. In addition to being the right thing to do, think of the effect such payments might have on Arab public opinion–communicating that we really do care about typical Iraqis, and that, unlike Arab governments, which kill without compunction, we really do grieve over our errors.

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